Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We are 7ish weeks away from our due date.  To date I've had a pretty easy, uneventful pregnancy and I'm extremely thankful for that.  However, I don't think that I love being pregnant.  I haven't hated it either.  There were/are days that I have liked it more than others.

There are times like when I felt the first movement that I probably couldn't stop smiling and just had a happy heart.  I've enjoyed organizing, preparing for baby but that's just my nature.  Give me a project and it's going to be planned as much as I possibly can.  Certain pregnancy symptoms or lack of others have what made this pregancy good or bad.

Morning Sickness - It is the question I get the most.. "Did you have any morning sickness?"  I did not.  In the beginning if I didn't eat every couple hours I would get nauseaus.  I threw up twice the whole pregnancy, one weekend I had a 24 hour stomach bug and the other time I think I drank a glass of milk too fast.

Exhaustion - in the beginning I was exhausted all the time. In the second trimester I was tired off and on.  And now a month into the third trimester I'm back to being exhausted ALL the time. 

Insomnia - Since the end of the first triemester I've had issues sleeping.  I fall asleep and sleep well for a couple hours and then I'm up for a couple hours.  It's the worst for someone who LOVES to sleep and as a kid would ask to go to bed.

Swelling - I can still wear my wedding ring.  My feet will swell if I sit too long or stand too long.   I have to have to mix it up to keep it at bay.

Gas - well that's just normal for me

Boobs - were sore in the very beginning and was one of the first signs I had.  I knew before getting pregnant that it was a sign.  I was in denial for a week that I was pregnant and so I thought they were sore from the couple of boot camp workouts my friend, Michelle and I had done the week before I suspected I was pregnant.

Emotional - I haven't been super emotional...I don't think.  Sure there are things that make me cry when they typically wouldn't have.   There are times where I'm more irritable and the smallest thing will get on my nerves.  I've tried to be aware of this and not let it get out of control but there have been times that I've snapped at Jarad and he probably didn't deserve it.


Cravings - I don't really think I've had cravings too bad.  I did want orange juice all the time in the beginning.  I have eaten sweets a lot more since being pregnant when typically I can go without.  But there haven't been any pickle and ice cream runs in the middle of the night. 

There are probably more symptoms but pregnancy brain is getting the best of me.  Again I'm thankful that I haven't been overrun with symptoms but I'm also gettitng very anxious to meet #littlemisspeytonrose.


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  1. Sounds like a good pregnancy...I guess! :) Can't wait to meet #misspeytonrose!!