Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Christmas is a couple days away now and as I've gone through Facebook, Instagram, etc over the last couple weeks I've found myself thinking about what traditions we will start/have for our little one.  I've had a board on Pinterest for awhile now titled Husband. Wife. Family. Traditions because I think traditions are important especially around the holidays.  However, I don't think we need to be so stuck in a box and some years it will be ok if we end up straying from the norm.

As a married couple Jarad and I already have a couple traditions.  The weekend before Christmas we travel to a friend's Grandparent's lake house in Orange, Texas.  We hang out, eat, shoot skeet, be merry, etc and sometimes the girls slip away to the next town over in Louisiana to get nachos and gamble a $20 bill away.   We call this tradition "Misfit Christmas" and anybody is welcome to attend if they are free.  Most people aren't free because they have family events and such to attend to and hence the name Misfit Christmas.  We love this tradition and look forward to it every year.

The other tradition Jarad and I have is Christmas day we go and see a movie in the afternoon and then I cook steak and scallops for dinner.  I typically try different methods of preparing the scallops but I think this year just some good ol' seared scallops sound perfect.  Why mess up a good thing?  And our steaks are from a Rodeo Champion steer that Jarad was gifted from work.  I have shrimp in the freezer already so Twice baked shrimp stuffed potatoes are also on the menu.  It's a Paula Deen recipe and so you know it's good.  We had those a couple years back.

These traditions hopefully will continue even with Peyton in the mix but I can't wait to add some additional ones.  What will our Christmas Eve look like?  Christmas morning tradition?  The weeks leading up to Christmas?  Will we go see the lights at Santa's Wonderland in College Station every year?  Where will we take her to see Santa each year?  Will we pick out an ornament as a family each year to add to our tree?  It makes me smile and my heart very happy to think about what things will be like.  I can hardly wait but as Jarad said yesterday "It's just you and me, our miniature family for now."  So we will continue to enjoy this last holiday season as just the two of us.

What are some things you look forward to during the holidays?  Do you have traditions or do you like to change it up every year?

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  1. Oh my goodness! You hit the nail on the head with this post. Dave and I actually talked about this after the holidays came and went because Christmas was super hard for me this year because there was no tradition to it. I think having traditions is a good thing!