Monday, December 8, 2014

The Holidays are underway

I knew I hadn't posted in a little while but I didn't realize it had been that long.  oops  The holidays are in full swing.  Thanksgiving was more of a Friendsgiving.  If we don't go camping in the frigid cold..ok we only did that last year... we go to our friends' place.  It's a great mix of friends and family for them.  I made a recipe from Plain Chicken, Bubble Up Pecan Pie.  I added dark chocolate chunks because everything is better with chocolate.  The only thing I regret this Thanksgiving was not having another piece of this.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, Natalie, Drew and I travelled north for the day.  We visited our aunt, uncle, cousin and his family.  I got to snuggle with a cute little boy.  I have to get my practice in where I can.

Then a stomach bug hit our house this past Thursday.  Jarad got it first and then Friday late afternoon it hit me.  I felt like crap all weekend but tried to make the best of it.  We don't have many weekends of just us and easily going and doing things.  So I rested up Saturday the best I could between a few errands and then got myself ready for a friends' annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party.  I ended up having a good time but getting home at 2am was too much.  And the heartburn till 3am didn't help. Jarad says I do too much and don't rest enough.  hmmmm maybe I'll start and see how that works out for the household.


Christmas decorations went up last week.  Everything is pretty much the same set up with the exception of a few additions.  Jarad and I picked out a stocking for Peyton on Saturday as part of our errands.  Pretty sure we got one of the biggest available at Hobby Lobby but why not?!?!

She also has a few ornaments from GiGi on the tree already.  We got the cute stocking one at a store called The Round Top Collection.  I loved seeing all their Christmas stuff and can't wait to see what they have for the rest of the year.

Three years ago I also started getting a nutcracker every year.  This year we added a cowboy one.

We have a few more things planned for the holidays but I am also going to try to slow down a bit...maybe. 

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  1. You should slow down and rest! It's not going to be the same when Peyton arrives.