Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pete and Peyt

I've read several articles about helping a pet transition to having a little one in the house.  It's something we are going to have to work on.  Right now Petey gets all our attention when ever he wants.  He has horrible separation anxiety and you better pet him when he nudges your hand.  And don't stop till he says you can.   You better make sure his food and water are full or you will find the bowls all over the kitchen when you come home.

If he wants on my lap, I allow him.  He can even use the tv tray as a headrest. 

But he's just the cutest.  Maybe as cute as his cousin Harper....

I had gotten some baby clothes that I was going through and he just was having it. 

Having a baby in the house is going to be a huge change for us all and especially Petey.  We will have a lot to figure out with both of them but I can't help but think that Petey will be the best big brother. Yea I'm turning into that mom and human mom and there is no difference between the two...for now.

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  1. Petey has a personality just like a kid! It may take some time but I think he'll adjust to Peyton. Btw, I love those pictures of cute!