Wednesday, December 17, 2014

His and Hers

The seating in the living room...well most of our rooms was limited.  We have a couch and a giant bean bag.  I've never been a fan of the bean bag but Jarad loves it and so does Petey. 

Jarad had also wanted a recliner for the living room but he was not going to part with the bean bag.  For awhile I thought we would have to move the bean bag to another room but where? or heaven forbid get rid of it.  But I knew a recliner in the living room would come in handy when the baby arrives.  So for the last couple of months, I've been working on Jarad with the plan of adding a recliner which wasn't the issue.  The issue was getting rid of the bean bag.  It wasn't going very smoothly and I wasn't sure I was going to able convince him.  But last week I started rearranging the furniture in my head and I figured out a plan that would allow us to have both a recliner and a bean bag. 

After I let him in on my idea he suggested we go look at recliners Saturday and well we purchased a recliner on Sunday.  Jarad picked it up yesterday and I sat in it all evening yesterday.

It's really his recliner because I picked out a lovely glider for the nursery that he wasn't a fan of but I think is perfect for rocking the baby and to use while breastfeeding.

The two chairs definitely look like his and hers versions and are going to come in super handy once the baby arrives.  Recliner mission completed

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  1. Both are sweet! Hopefully you don't have many things left to do!