Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Musings

The great thing as always is...IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Going to the Nutcracker Market tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about that.  Take your favorite boutique, shop, etc and multiple it times a million and that's what you have for this market.  It's a
woman's dream and a great girl afternoon out type thing.

It's been chilly here this week.  That means sweaters, jackets, the heater and I don't have to remember to put bottled water from the garage to fridge.  I've tried finding a reusable bottle or cup that I could take with me everyday and all of the one's I've tried come up short in some fashion.  Or it's just so easy to grab some bottles before heading out the door.  We drink filtered water from the fridge at home as our help to Mother Earth or Mother Nature or whatever you want to call her.
This summer we started a brunch group called the Rowdy Loafers Brunch Bunch.  Why the name Rowdy Loafers you ask? When we were putting together the group there was a special on PBS of the History of Houston.  They talked about this group and well we inherited it.  No we don't plan to do what they did and we definitely don't need a hanging to stop us from going to brunch but it's a fun quirky tie to Texas/ Houston history. "Houston? An image problem? Nothing new there. Back in 1838, when the city amounted to little more than a dozen offal-strewn streets, it had an image problem. Swarms of unemployed young men — "rowdy loafers" in the parlance of the day — made life miserable for respectable folk. They drank, they whored, they fought, they punctuated the night with their raucous clamors. Houston was the capital of the new Republic of Texas, for chrissakes, yet people across the Sabine in the United States might be forgiven for thinking it a den of yahoos.")
Natalie and I wrote a poem using Oh, The Places you'll Go as the base or whatever the fancy literary term would be for that.
Oh, the brunch places we'll go!

Sunday is our day.
We're off to new places,
Wherever we may. ...

We want food in our belly.
We have glasses to fill.
We can try any cafe
Or restaurant at will.
We're not on our own. And we may cause a show.
But we are the ones who'll decide where we go.
At first we tried to go every month but it's more of an every other month thing where we get together to try a different place in town.  There are so many great restaurants in Houston and this is an effort to get ourselves out of a rut of going to the same places. Plus who doesn't like brunch and hanging out with your friends.  Sunday we are heading to Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar for our Fall Brunch.
What are your plans this weekend?!?! Hope it's a good one.

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  1. You have fun weekends! I actually had an awesome one this weekend with Abbi and Harper. We went to the Children's Museum on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Harper loved it!