Friday, October 10, 2014

Parenthood...not just a tv show to us anymore

Sometimes you make conscious decisions that are forever going to change your direction in life.  We have made one of those and we are going to be parents.  We had several conversations over the last couple years that we weren't going to have kids...or at least that's how I interpreted them.  We were going to be content being selfish and living life to fullest, travelling and just being us.  However, at the end of last year Jarad came to me upset and with a strong desire to be a dad.  So we talked about it, and talked about it, talked about it some more, made a plan and voila the little one will be here in March.  People have told us you will never be ready for kids, nothing with this chapter in life goes according to plan, etc  No we probably aren't ready for how our life will change but we'll fake it till we make it.  Things have gone according to plan... so far... knock on wood.  Waiting on that curve ball to be thrown but let's hope not. So now we are using the next 9 months...well we only have about 6 months spend as much time together just being us, having fun, getting ready best we can, making lots of decisions (daycare, pediatrician, nursery theme, etc).  We are super excited for all that parenthood entails and can't wait to find out in two weeks if we will have a little girl or boy.

Petey wanted to help announce...ok I forced the photo.  I wish there was someone filming us when trying to get this pic.  Petey really wasn't having it but shortly obliged because his favorite treat was at stake.
a few outtakes
Howling...out of excitement for the baby or defiance...not sure

If you want my picture I'm laying down.  I'm done.

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  1. The outtakes are too funny! Very excited for you and all are going to have the time of your life with this little one. And selfishly, I'm excited to be an aunt again. :)