Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eat your fruits and vegetables

We've all heard to eat your fruits and vegetables a million times. For the most part I do a good job of it. I don't mind most fruits and vegetables and even crave them at times. But when I saw a new fruit and veggie bar by Dreyer's on a blog I read I wanted to try. 

 A) who doesn't like a cold treat in the Texas summer heat 
 B) who doesn't like a new way to get your nutrients 
 C) the blogger said they were delicious 

I tried finding them at my Kroger and although they had a bunch of the Dreyer's fruit and cocunut milk bars they didn't have the fruit and veggie ones. I had to stop by Target for a couple things and checked there. Low and behold they had them. I picked up the Apples and Greens but this Target (not a super Target) also had blueberry medley and tangerine carrot. On Dreyer's website I saw that they also have strawberry rhubarb and peach mango medley. 

I tore into the box as soon as I got to the car. It was delicious and only 60 calories. Much better for me than the mozzarella sticks I was craving. Typically I would finish the box I have before I try other flavors but I'm not going to lie I may get the others so I can have some variety. So if you struggle to get in your fruits and vegetables and even if you don't, these bars are a great little treat. I'm hoping the Kroger by the house will eventually have them but I will drive the 5 miles to Target to get them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Another Birthday, another year

The last two weekends have been filled with absolutely nothing and it has been great.  We've watched movies. Hung out low key with friends.  And this past Sunday we celebrated my birthday.  The only plan on the agenda was dinner with friends at a restaurant that I had been wanting to try, Fadi's Mediterranean Grill.  It was delicious in my opinion.  I could go there and just do a vegetarian sampler platter.  The sides were my favorite. They have a drive through at the location we went to.  I see many stops there in my future.  Natalie made the strawberry pretzel salad that I have been craving.  It was a perfect alternative to cake.

My birthday was on National Lazy Day.  I celebrated that too.  It was the largest super moon of the year.  It was also Antonio Banderas and Kylie Jenner's birthday.  The Smithsonian was started or something on the 10th years ago.  I'm sure there are other great things that happened on that day because well it's fantastic.

So now I continue on and embrace being 32!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August already?!?!

The summer has flown by.  Between work and play all I want to do is sleep because it seems all we do is go, go, go.  Since I was a kid I have always been a fan of sleep.  I get "hangry" but you mix in sleepy with that and you better stay far far away.  Already this summer we have done a little traveling and even became World Record holders.  

We camped on the beach in June.  I had never done that and wanted to at least once.  The sand rain was enough to require a beach house from now on or I guess the rain guard on the tent would have been a good idea.

In July we travelled to Kentucky with our friends, Katrina and Thomas.  It was a great mix of visiting with family, introducing Katrina and Thomas to that area of the country and just plain fun.  The weather was unseasonabbly cool.  

Then we went on our annual trip to the river and on a weekend when Roger Creager was holding his birthday bash.  This year he wanted to break a record of the largest river flaot.  Previous float was 250 people in one of those states you forget about.  We slammed the record.  I don't even know what the offical count was but Rockin' R had 3000 tubes and they ran out.  

We don't have much planned the rest of the summer but low key is alright with me.  I am looking forward to a trip to the beach with my sisters at the end of this month but first we must celebrate my birthday.  It's August 10th if you forgot.