Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things I'm Liking Lately


  • $10 dollar deals. I don't really like to shop but will run into a store to see what I can find in a fast breeze through of the store. Last week landed me two cute options for $10 each. 

  • I've got gray hair or glitter hair as I like to call it. This new dye by l'Oreal is fabulous. Didn't turn brassy. You don't have to use the whole thing at once. It more than did my hair twice. 

  • Saturday we went on a triple date to the symphony at Miller Outdoor Theater. We picked up snacks at Trader Joe's before going and the Cheddar and Horseradish chips are delicious. A date, good company, symphony, yummy snacks all made for a perfect Saturday night. 

  • Gifts. Natalie and I got cute packages in the mail with adorable signs. And Natalie got me two cute scarfs the same day. 

  • World Cup...every four years since 2002 I get soccer fever.  I love the hype of it all and yes #ibelieve this year or did. The first year I watched it I was in college and we set our alarms to get up to watch the matches in the middle of the night since it was set n Asia.  I think watching it in a group setting is what makes it fun but I also watch the games alone. I got Jarad to take me to the Symphony on Saturday after years of trying.  So now I need to get him to take me to a Dynamo game, Houston's pro team. I've been asking for years on that one too.  


  1. Let's plan a trip to see the Dynamos. Sounds like fun to me!

  2. Just plan the trip with Katrina and make the boys go to see the game! Lots of fun stuff you're liking!