Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An easy project that went wrong

Since we've lived in the house the master toilet makes a running noise although it's not actually running and it would take a couple flushes to get everything down, if you know what I mean.  So I decided the fix was to change the inner stuff in the tank. I thought it should be an easy fix with a $10 kit from Walmart. I began the process last Wednesday but needed a larger wrench or tool of some sort. I asked Jarad to bring some some home from work. Sweet it will be fixed in no what I thought.  Once we took the old inner pieces out we realized the water supply line was all wrong. It was a rigid line that went into the tank 5-6 inches. I'm obvi not a plumber but knew this wasn't right when the new kit wouldn't fit and well I'm a master googler. Jarad suggested getting pipe cutter but I figured the easiest fix was to change the water supply line. It should screw off and on. So after another trip to the store for a new flexi aluminum line I was sure we'd be up and running soon.  Well......when trying to get the old water supply line off I broke the valve and pipe my limited plumbing experience I didn't turn the main water line off to the house. We had a splash pad in our bathroom. 

Growing up, whenever my dad turned the main water off he needed a big T thing...I got all the terms down pat now. When I got home I had seen a neighbor outside. So I ran down the street, sopping wet and barefoot asking for help.  Come to find out the main water switch is only buried like a foot and I could have totally done it myself. But the neighbors lent me a wet vac and one even spent thirty mins helping me get the water up.  We used every towel, sheet and blanket in the house to sop up the water. I dried towels and soaked up water the rest of the evening in between yet another trip to Home Depot.  

After a conversation with both my mom and dad and lots of laughing, I had a ask a Home Depot guy for a shark bite.  I found an older employee cause I knew he would have experience and I asked for a "snake bite." I definitely needed two or three of those drinks at this point.  He knew exactly what I was talking about after I caught my mistake and led me directly to the perfect part.  I was too afraid to put it on myself so I waited till Jarad got home at midnight.  Together we got everything back up and running in 15 minutes or less.  And the neighbor said I was going to have to call a plumber...pffft he doesn't know me.  

We kept 3 fans going hoping it would dry everything out.  We went to a Fourth of July party the next day and when we came home Saturday morning it hit us in the face as soon as we walked in the door...nasty sour smell.  Dang it this project wasn't over.  I didn't want to have to change the cushion or hire a carpet cleaning company.  I knew vinegar and baking soda were going to be my cure but needed something to suck up water and such.  After telling my customers that renting the Rug Doctor wasn't the right way to clean carpet, I went out and rented one myself.  I didn't buy their solution because you don't need to put solution or cleaner all over carpet cause you won't get it all out and it will just attract more dirt.  I took the bottle of vinegar and water solution that I use on my washer after loads and spritzed the carpet till it was covered well.  I had to do the Rug Doctor with hot water twice, once on Saturday morning and another on Sunday morning before we took it back.  It also worked well on our sofa with just hot water.  Monday morning I put some Arm and Hammer Fresh Scentsations™ Carpet Odor Eliminator Island Mist™ all over the carpet and finally our home was back to "normal." 

This may seem like a long post with no pictures well it felt like a never ending drama that didn't give me time to take pictures...carpet drama...wait I live that every day.  Now I know how to fix a toilet...somewhat...but I may never do it myself again...maybe.

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  1. WOW!! Hilarious...but not hilarious! Glad it's all fixed now.