Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pain au chocolat are my pain

Today I set up office for a couple hours in the morning at Starbucks.  When I went to order what they call a caffè misto....equal parts brewed coffee and steamed milk...I saw it...A CHOCOLATE CROISSANT.  In France they call my drink a cafè au lait and in Spain they call it cafè con leche.  They call my drink by it's Italian name at Starbucks and the pastry is just plain old English.

 I first discovered these treats in Spain when I lived there for a year in college.  Once I fell upon their yumminess, I had one almost every day.  It might be a very BAD BAD BAD thing that I have found a local option and one that's very easily accessible. The only thing that could make me return to my once daily indulgence is my bank account and waistline. I may have googled easy recipes this evening but decided that I'd rather someone make them for me like the French do.  Or I also found where you can order 15 authentic ones from Calista, just no.  I want one right now though.  Argh I will try to save my FAVORITE pastry for special occasions.  I will.  I have to. I mean one croissant is 340 calories which would be an hour running to burn off. I will have to remind myself of that....OFTEN.  Good thing I'm not a teacher like a couple of my friends who get Starbucks gift cards in abundance as end of year gifts.  But I mean if anyone has a Starbucks gift card that they aren't going to use...😜 

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