Thursday, May 8, 2014

April's Ipsy Bag - Beauty Rocks!!!

I'm a little late on this one but once again I loved last month's bag.  The shape of the actual bag was different than any that I had gotten so far.  Square for the win.  Beauty rocks was the theme and the bag looked like a turntable which was a cool spin. ba dum ching!!!

  • The eyeliner by Urban Decay was my absolute favorite.  I've already used it so much it needs to be sharpened and I can't find the smaller size sharpener that I was sure I had. 
  • The eye shadow (Champagne pop! goes the shadow by Elizabeth Mott) is a perfect color for the summer.  Will be great against a sun kissed face.
  • I use subtle tanning lotion sporadically and it's nice to have options.  The St Tropez version is not only a gradual tan lotion but also anti-ageing. 
  • The Cailyn lip balm turns quite pink on me...I mean the color is called Apple pink.  This will be another that I will give to Natalie.  I should change my prefrences so that I don't get any lip stuff  because I suck at putting it on and reapplying. 
  • The microdermabrasion skin exfoliant from Dr Brandt feels great.  I leave it in the shower and have used it once a week.  I use to use Mary Kay's all the time, ran out and haven't repurchased.  This is a great alternative. 
I loved the card in it this month as well.  It's on the bulletin board next to my desk.  If you are on the edge on whether or not you want to sign up, I still recomend it.  There have been only 2-3 products that I have gotten that I wouldn't or don't use.  I gift those and move on.  Ipsy has and continues to be a favorite mail day every month for me.

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