Friday, May 16, 2014

Questions...answers come through the ebb and flow of life

A week or so ago someone asked me for 10 things I could have known sooner rather than later in my relationship with Jarad, 10 questions I should have asked sooner or 10 must knows.  They didn't have to be deep revelations but the email made me think.  I have been with Jarad for almost 7 years now. This is the obviously the longest relationship I've been in but I really didn't have long relationships before this so it's no surprise.  To me a relationship is a breathing, growing, evolving entity.  It's growth and understanding is built by the past experiences of the two in the relationship, the events that happen around the two in the relationship, how they react and understand those events, etc. There are constant pressures on each party and how it's brought to and understood in the relationship should teach each other a lot about the other person.  Cliche as it may be I learn more and more about Jarad day in day out.  A question is brought up because we see something on television.  What do you think about that?  Another question is brought up because someone we know is getting a divorce because of infidelity. We wonder about our path as friends deal with a miscarriage or infertility. We watch a movie (Last Vegas...such a cute movie) which makes me think about where he sees us in 5 or 10 or 20 years. We dream or make travel plans....where we want to go and see as a couple.  Crazy as it may seem everyday triggers ways to learn about each other.  We didn't have a handbook or things we wanted or needed to know about the other person before we could get past the first date, the first year, marriage, etc.  If we did Jarad would most certainly have thrown it in the trash.  I was giving a book to read before we got married.  I asked Jarad to read it and his response was that we didn't need someone to tell us how to be together.  So now I'll read articles, books, etc occasionally and pick parts from it that I want to discuss with him but the trick is he can't know where the conversation started from or for it to seem like a counseling session.   Most don't understand our relationship looking in and that's fine because it works for us.  ooohhhh I could ask him about how he perceives our relationship.  So I still don't know what 10 things I could give for this but I do appreciate those times when I get to learn something new about Jarad or experience something new with him.  Life could easily get a little mundane and for us it's all about just going with the ebb and flow of life, the good and the bad.

When I wanted to use the phrase "ebb and flow" in the title I wanted to make sure I was using it right.  I googled "ebb and flow of life" and the second link that came up was an interesting article about relationships. It fit with what I was trying to write here and I found it after I had already written out the post.  I title things at the that what your suppose to do?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I learned this Week

- Pandora has a shuffle button that shuffles play between all your favorite stations. You can't thumbs down a song but whatevs.
- Not all cheap bottles of wine are created equal. I'm not ashamed to say that I regularly buy wine that cost $3-5 but I had one this week that I won't buy again.
- Whiney men drive me absolutely crazy.  I can't even deal with them at all.
- I don't miss the daily soda. "Soder" for two weeks now. 

I've probably learned more but that's what I retained. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

April's Ipsy Bag - Beauty Rocks!!!

I'm a little late on this one but once again I loved last month's bag.  The shape of the actual bag was different than any that I had gotten so far.  Square for the win.  Beauty rocks was the theme and the bag looked like a turntable which was a cool spin. ba dum ching!!!

  • The eyeliner by Urban Decay was my absolute favorite.  I've already used it so much it needs to be sharpened and I can't find the smaller size sharpener that I was sure I had. 
  • The eye shadow (Champagne pop! goes the shadow by Elizabeth Mott) is a perfect color for the summer.  Will be great against a sun kissed face.
  • I use subtle tanning lotion sporadically and it's nice to have options.  The St Tropez version is not only a gradual tan lotion but also anti-ageing. 
  • The Cailyn lip balm turns quite pink on me...I mean the color is called Apple pink.  This will be another that I will give to Natalie.  I should change my prefrences so that I don't get any lip stuff  because I suck at putting it on and reapplying. 
  • The microdermabrasion skin exfoliant from Dr Brandt feels great.  I leave it in the shower and have used it once a week.  I use to use Mary Kay's all the time, ran out and haven't repurchased.  This is a great alternative. 
I loved the card in it this month as well.  It's on the bulletin board next to my desk.  If you are on the edge on whether or not you want to sign up, I still recomend it.  There have been only 2-3 products that I have gotten that I wouldn't or don't use.  I gift those and move on.  Ipsy has and continues to be a favorite mail day every month for me.