Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does it Really Matter

- I think of things to write but I don't write them down so I forget.
- Giving a fast food resturant a fancy remodel doesn't make it more appealing or good food. I still eat fast food tho.
- Quizzes on Facebook to tell you where you should live, what super hero you are, etc are annoying

- We need this for the next time we go to Lake September. 

- Dark chocolate mini Cadbury eggs are so good but oh so bad. 
- We hosted an Easter brunch and I get best blogger award...hardly any pictures and thumb in pic of outdoor setup

Next week I vow to be a better blogger, eat better and return to excercising. That is all. 


  1. You're not doing so hot on your vow...LOL! Btw, that raft is amazing!

    1. Yea no blogging but the other part of the vow I've been good at.