Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Does It Really Matter - long weekend withdraw

- I made a trail mix to take to New Orleans. It is peanuts, raisins, mixed nuts and m&ms. It was a big batch and now that we are back I can't stop eating it. 
- I think at some point I need to watch Scandal. Natalie told me. They talked about it in the Trophy Wife. And they talked about it on Real Housewives of Atlanta. 
- It's a short week cause of my long weekend but today at one point I thought it was Thursday. I still have 2 more workdays. Ugh and carpet "emergencies"
- I haven't checked social media a lot in the last week and I'm ok with that. 
- Already looking forward to next long weekend at end of May. 
- I haven't unpacked yet...maybe this weekend
- Petey is still worn out from his long am I 
- I want some charbroiled oysters. I also want crawfish. I just want a chef too. I'll help though. 

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  1. You haven't unpacked...what? Girl, I've been back in Cinci-nasty for less than 5 hours from a 5 day vacation and the bags are unpacked, two loads of laundry are done, swept the house, emptied the dishwasher AND cleared out over 200 emails...and back in the office. Get on it! :)