Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World Championship BBQ Contest

It's officially Rodeo time in Houston. The rodeo is kicked off with the a World Championship BBQ contest.  It's three days of BBQ, beer, music and good times. The last three years we have sponsored the University of Houston tent along with Thomas and Katrina.

Our tent is pretty fancy.  The port-a-potties have vases for flowers. ;-)

The last two years the guys have been on the cooking team. For them it's long long days but they get to hang out with some friends that they don't often get to see plus they really enjoy the whole process and event.


Meat, meat and more meat

I just go to eat and hang out. And I ate plenty this year as usual. I had my own little spot to sit and watch all the action.
When we weren't eating, we could also be found enjoying the live Texas Country music.

We also ran into friends who get us in their tent for a change of scenery.  Or we just hung out for a little while as they pass by our tent.  Our tent gets pretty crowded so we typically hang out by our personal bartenders...I mean the cookers.

Already a week and half has past since the fun.  Not sure if I'll get to any of the rodeo/concert action but the BBQ Cookoff is enough for me.  Can't wait for next year.



  1. I think my hair just finally stopped smelling like BBQ!

  2. Love the photo booth pics! Hilarious!