Saturday, March 29, 2014

Technology...a blessing and an annoyance

I confess I'm on my phone WAY TOO MUCH. I mean I'm writing this post on my phone. Jarad makes comments about it all the time. So the last couple of weeks I've tried to be better. Disconnect. Be in the moment. The do not disturb function has been getting turned on between 7-8pm during the week lately. (So if you're special and on my favorite list your phone calls will come through if you really need me. And if you're not on that list...I'm not telling who is and who's me twice within 3 minutes of each other and your call will go through). 

I'm totally convinced social media is an addiction. A habit. A disease. It's that bad. No I'm not going to die if I don't see what you ate for dinner. Or that your team is doing great in  March madness. I'll watch the news in the morning and find out. But I do like the "interaction" or the real life People magazine that it offers. 

I like that a simple app can turn Saturday morning into sister time. 

The filters were fun. 

I'll continue to be on my phone probably more than most but I'll try to limit it as well. Technology, social media, apps, phones are a constant in our society now.  They aren't going away but you determine how you use them and how much you use them. 

So I need I go check Facebook and Instagram. I might have missed something in the last 5 minutes.


  1. DND function on the iPhone is awesome! Highly recommend...I'm working on Dave to use it.

    The wicked witch of the west is a little scary if you ask me. :)

  2. Feeding twin A as i read this... addiction you say??