Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March's Ipsy bag

This month's Ipsy bag was another great mix of products.  The bag itself is the same shape and type as my first one that I loved.  The pattern on the bag is inspired by the neighborhoods of San Francisco where Ipsy is headquartered.  A local artist to San Fran did the abstract of the city and her name is Klari Reis.  I love the personal touch and uniqueness that this bag offered.

The items I received were a primer by Pixi, which is great because when I'm really doing my makeup or what it to look good long into the day I always make sure to use the primer.  This primer is a little than the one I use from Mary Kay in that it is colored.  I've used it a couple times already and really like it. 

The eyeshadows by NYX called Love in Rio are nice tones and have a littl sparkle with them.  I wore them on Saturday and Natalie asked what I had done with my makeup different and that I needed to continue.  I take that as an eyemakeup victory because it is an area that I struggle with when applying makeup. 

The eyeliner is a really pretty blue by Chella and has incredible staying power but it was difficult for me to apply.  It's a felt tip liquid liner and I'm not good at putting liquid liner on at all.  The first time and well only time I tried I didn't end up with a great line so I colored over with a black that I had.  It actually was a pretty color. I like the change in color from the norm and will try it again.

The lipstick by bareMinerals....I  don't do lipstick well and this turned rather pink on me.  I gave it to Natalie because it looked great on her.  She is going to be well stocked in lipsticks at the rate I'm going with Ipsy lipstick fails.  I'm more of a lip gloss girl anyway....when I remember to put it on. 

Once again I'm super happy with the bag and can't wait till next month. 

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