Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jarad's another year older

Yesterday we celebrated Jarad's birthday. He is now 34 years young. He had to work but luckily he is on days right now so we got to go to dinner to celebrate. We went to our favorite...lucky for me too... Babin's. We both love seafood and they get fresh shipments daily.

We typically go there for Happy Hour but their dinner options are superb. We usually save dinner for special occasions like a birthday. 

Last night we started with happy hour. It's crawfish season so their specials right now are all centered around that. We had crawfish corndogs to nibble on while we waited for our friends to get there. They were delicious.

Once everyone arrived we got seated and started dinner with a appetizer was a huge platter of jalapeƱos stuffed with shrimp and cheese called stingrays, spinach artichoke dip, boulettes (boudin crawfish balls), crawfish tails, fresh shrimp and who knows what else. It said it fed 4 but was enough for us all to have a little. There were a few others apps ordered as well. I ordered a meal but could have been done and satisfied after appetizers. 

I ordered chicken stuffed with boudin wrapped in bacon and covered with a crawfish sauce. It was the perfect combination of flavors. 

Jarad got his favorite fish, Mahi Mahi and had it blackened, stuffed with shrimp and crawfish and covered with a crawfish sauce. It looked amazing. He didn't share. 
Yes there is fish under there. 

Every year I make Jarad funfetti cupcakes. I packaged some up for our friend's to have. Thank you Pinterest for the idea. 

I got the blue icing this year because the sprinkles were fish shaped. And duh Jarad loves to fish. 

We got home. Jarad opened his presents and cards and then hit the hay. He's old now and gets up early, eats dinner early and goes to bed early. ;-) or that's been the trend recently. 

He had a nice birthday and loved that our friends took the time to come to dinner and celebrate with him. He appreciated the Facebook messages, texts, videos and calls. 

Now let's hope his 34th year is a great one. 

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  1. The video is so sweet!! #she'sadoll And the appetizers sound scrumptious! Glad Jarad had a good birthday celebration.