Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Does it Really Matter - Sick Edition

Yesterday I literally spent ALL day in bed. And at times it was torturous. I don't do well sitting still but the headache and the body aches didn't allow for much else. Luckily I feel better today. Lots to do work wise. But this what I found doesn't really matter or does it.....

  • Daytime tv is awful. 
  • My husband is a pretty good caretaker and house cleaner. 
  • Business doesn't stop when I'm sick. And if I don't answer the first time, they call multiple times. Wait that's anytime. Rude. 
  • My dog still wants attention....when he's not sleeping which now that I recall is all the time. 
  • I still have an appetite when I'm sick. But according to my husband when you're sick you typically don't want to eat. And so I wasn't sick yesterday according to his theory. I'll remember that when he's sick. 
  • I wish I was sick because I was recuperating from a St Patrick's day celebration.  No green beer here.  I was in bed by 8:00pm on Monday and these rueben bites were the closest I got to celebrating.  They were yummy tho. If Aldi happens to have some still when I go next time I will be picking up a box or two.  That's the one thing about Aldi that isn't my favorite.  Their specials are there and gone too fast.   So if you like something you better stock up.

Hope everyone has a great hhhuuummmmppppp dddaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!

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  1. So sorry you're sick! Hope you recuperate fast. And your husband is oh so wrong...sometimes you crave one thing because you want to eat so bad because you want to feel better super fast so you want to eat. Sometimes you can't though.