Monday, March 31, 2014

Would-be Wordless Weekend

This past weekend consisted of....

Silly boys

SNL cheerleader

Grapefruit Margarita

Scarf Club

Live music

and a Sexy farmer's tan

It's a four day work week y'all!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Technology...a blessing and an annoyance

I confess I'm on my phone WAY TOO MUCH. I mean I'm writing this post on my phone. Jarad makes comments about it all the time. So the last couple of weeks I've tried to be better. Disconnect. Be in the moment. The do not disturb function has been getting turned on between 7-8pm during the week lately. (So if you're special and on my favorite list your phone calls will come through if you really need me. And if you're not on that list...I'm not telling who is and who's me twice within 3 minutes of each other and your call will go through). 

I'm totally convinced social media is an addiction. A habit. A disease. It's that bad. No I'm not going to die if I don't see what you ate for dinner. Or that your team is doing great in  March madness. I'll watch the news in the morning and find out. But I do like the "interaction" or the real life People magazine that it offers. 

I like that a simple app can turn Saturday morning into sister time. 

The filters were fun. 

I'll continue to be on my phone probably more than most but I'll try to limit it as well. Technology, social media, apps, phones are a constant in our society now.  They aren't going away but you determine how you use them and how much you use them. 

So I need I go check Facebook and Instagram. I might have missed something in the last 5 minutes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Oprah's show is cancelled so this is her to do list

I was listening to the radio the other morning and they did a little segment about everyone's favorite, Oprah. So I decided to add to her to do list as well.

  • She's creating a tea line for Starbucks so she's got that. 
  • Find the missing Malaysian plane. Although today they said it was gone or something.  I didn't pay attention.
  • Start laundry for the week
  • Plant some flowers in my front flower bed.  Ok I'll go ahead and mark that one off because they'd die in a week.  I mean I can't even keep a succulent alive. On my behalf I just forgot to bring it in one night when it got really cold.  My other one is still surviving.

  • Organize a crawfish boil.  I need some of those little critters in my life even though I already had some on Saturday.
  • Clean floors.....neverending chore
  • Give Petey a bath...I'll probably wait till next week so he smells good when he goes to friend's house for the weekend while we are gone.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Does it Really Matter - Sick Edition

Yesterday I literally spent ALL day in bed. And at times it was torturous. I don't do well sitting still but the headache and the body aches didn't allow for much else. Luckily I feel better today. Lots to do work wise. But this what I found doesn't really matter or does it.....

  • Daytime tv is awful. 
  • My husband is a pretty good caretaker and house cleaner. 
  • Business doesn't stop when I'm sick. And if I don't answer the first time, they call multiple times. Wait that's anytime. Rude. 
  • My dog still wants attention....when he's not sleeping which now that I recall is all the time. 
  • I still have an appetite when I'm sick. But according to my husband when you're sick you typically don't want to eat. And so I wasn't sick yesterday according to his theory. I'll remember that when he's sick. 
  • I wish I was sick because I was recuperating from a St Patrick's day celebration.  No green beer here.  I was in bed by 8:00pm on Monday and these rueben bites were the closest I got to celebrating.  They were yummy tho. If Aldi happens to have some still when I go next time I will be picking up a box or two.  That's the one thing about Aldi that isn't my favorite.  Their specials are there and gone too fast.   So if you like something you better stock up.

Hope everyone has a great hhhuuummmmppppp dddaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March's Ipsy bag

This month's Ipsy bag was another great mix of products.  The bag itself is the same shape and type as my first one that I loved.  The pattern on the bag is inspired by the neighborhoods of San Francisco where Ipsy is headquartered.  A local artist to San Fran did the abstract of the city and her name is Klari Reis.  I love the personal touch and uniqueness that this bag offered.

The items I received were a primer by Pixi, which is great because when I'm really doing my makeup or what it to look good long into the day I always make sure to use the primer.  This primer is a little than the one I use from Mary Kay in that it is colored.  I've used it a couple times already and really like it. 

The eyeshadows by NYX called Love in Rio are nice tones and have a littl sparkle with them.  I wore them on Saturday and Natalie asked what I had done with my makeup different and that I needed to continue.  I take that as an eyemakeup victory because it is an area that I struggle with when applying makeup. 

The eyeliner is a really pretty blue by Chella and has incredible staying power but it was difficult for me to apply.  It's a felt tip liquid liner and I'm not good at putting liquid liner on at all.  The first time and well only time I tried I didn't end up with a great line so I colored over with a black that I had.  It actually was a pretty color. I like the change in color from the norm and will try it again.

The lipstick by bareMinerals....I  don't do lipstick well and this turned rather pink on me.  I gave it to Natalie because it looked great on her.  She is going to be well stocked in lipsticks at the rate I'm going with Ipsy lipstick fails.  I'm more of a lip gloss girl anyway....when I remember to put it on. 

Once again I'm super happy with the bag and can't wait till next month. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

100th Anniversary of Battleship Texas and more

All of this weekend's activities were piled into one day, Saturday.  Natalie and I ran the Shamrock Strut on Saturday morning.  We were up at 6:30 ready to run...or one of us more than the other.  We ran this race a couple years ago and put it back on the calendar this year.  I think this may be my most favorite race to run this far. It's not a super packed race, the after party is great and it supports Houston Eye Asscoation Foundation. 

I finished 20th out of 39 in my age category and 171st out of 256 runners.  My offical time was 36:51.  I really wanted to be under 35 minutes but I can't blame anyone but myself because I didn't run all that much up to this race.  The weather is turning around which will make it much easier to get out there.  I need to find my next race to look towards.

After the race events were through we headed home to get ready to go to La Porte for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Battleship Texas.  Battleship Texas is the last remaning ship that was used in both World War I and World War II.  There was music by many Texas country of my husband's favorite sang, Robert Earl Keen.

There were food trucks.

And there were fireworks. 

It rained most of the day but we made the most of it....gazebo fun, muddy boots and all.


It was a fun day like anytime we all do something.  Now it's time to rest up because NOLA is in two weeks.  The next two weekends should be pretty low key....thank goodness.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

World Championship BBQ Contest

It's officially Rodeo time in Houston. The rodeo is kicked off with the a World Championship BBQ contest.  It's three days of BBQ, beer, music and good times. The last three years we have sponsored the University of Houston tent along with Thomas and Katrina.

Our tent is pretty fancy.  The port-a-potties have vases for flowers. ;-)

The last two years the guys have been on the cooking team. For them it's long long days but they get to hang out with some friends that they don't often get to see plus they really enjoy the whole process and event.


Meat, meat and more meat

I just go to eat and hang out. And I ate plenty this year as usual. I had my own little spot to sit and watch all the action.
When we weren't eating, we could also be found enjoying the live Texas Country music.

We also ran into friends who get us in their tent for a change of scenery.  Or we just hung out for a little while as they pass by our tent.  Our tent gets pretty crowded so we typically hang out by our personal bartenders...I mean the cookers.

Already a week and half has past since the fun.  Not sure if I'll get to any of the rodeo/concert action but the BBQ Cookoff is enough for me.  Can't wait for next year.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jarad's another year older

Yesterday we celebrated Jarad's birthday. He is now 34 years young. He had to work but luckily he is on days right now so we got to go to dinner to celebrate. We went to our favorite...lucky for me too... Babin's. We both love seafood and they get fresh shipments daily.

We typically go there for Happy Hour but their dinner options are superb. We usually save dinner for special occasions like a birthday. 

Last night we started with happy hour. It's crawfish season so their specials right now are all centered around that. We had crawfish corndogs to nibble on while we waited for our friends to get there. They were delicious.

Once everyone arrived we got seated and started dinner with a appetizer was a huge platter of jalapeƱos stuffed with shrimp and cheese called stingrays, spinach artichoke dip, boulettes (boudin crawfish balls), crawfish tails, fresh shrimp and who knows what else. It said it fed 4 but was enough for us all to have a little. There were a few others apps ordered as well. I ordered a meal but could have been done and satisfied after appetizers. 

I ordered chicken stuffed with boudin wrapped in bacon and covered with a crawfish sauce. It was the perfect combination of flavors. 

Jarad got his favorite fish, Mahi Mahi and had it blackened, stuffed with shrimp and crawfish and covered with a crawfish sauce. It looked amazing. He didn't share. 
Yes there is fish under there. 

Every year I make Jarad funfetti cupcakes. I packaged some up for our friend's to have. Thank you Pinterest for the idea. 

I got the blue icing this year because the sprinkles were fish shaped. And duh Jarad loves to fish. 

We got home. Jarad opened his presents and cards and then hit the hay. He's old now and gets up early, eats dinner early and goes to bed early. ;-) or that's been the trend recently. 

He had a nice birthday and loved that our friends took the time to come to dinner and celebrate with him. He appreciated the Facebook messages, texts, videos and calls. 

Now let's hope his 34th year is a great one. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's been cold...that is all

Monday and Tuesday were cccccoooooolllllllldddddd. Brrrrrrrrrr

Trees were iced over Tuesday morning.

Patio furnture covered in ice as well.  

Soup was necessary Monday night as well as hot chocolate. 

I'm over the cold. I'm not use to it anymore. I want spring. I want to be able to run outside again....or run period. I have a 10K in two weeks. Going to have to dig deep for that one but I'll get it done. I have to refind my motivation and I will.  I just need the weather to cooperate. 

I also need to fill you all in on the fun this weekend that was the BBQ cookoff. Won't happen tomorrow cause we will be celebrating the husband's birthday. 

In the mean time stay warm.