Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sleep Sleep ZZZZZZ

I am by no means a sleep expert or always a good sleeper.  But I love sleep...sleep at night, a nap, in the car....I just love sleep and have to have it. 

As a little kid I would ask my parents to go to bed.  Now what kid does that?!?!  My sleep schedule, amount and quality had slowly gotten worse as an adult.  It doesn't help that my husband is a giant and snores plus I have the cutest basset hound who also snores and sleeps in the bed with us.  Sure I could knock Petey out of the bed but he's just too cute.

So at the end of November enough was enough and we went from a queen to a king.  Plus the bed we had was super soft and now we have a plush which is in between...not too soft and not too firm.  Jarad thinks it's too firm but the guy says that it will become softer over time.  It is heavenly in my opinion. 

The bed has made a huge difference in how I sleep but there are some other things that help.  Celestial Seasonings makes a Sleepytime tea that is a mix of chamomile, lemongrass and spearmint. It has a great aroma and helps me wind down.  It comes in traditional tea bags but the also make k cups for your keurig.  Annnnnndddddd I just saw on their website they have more than just this one kind....I like options.  Will have to see if the grocery store, World Market or the like have any of the other kinds.

Sleepytime Herbal Tea

I will also some time take melatonin.  I have also been know to take benadryl or night time Tylenol.  I try to keep the meds and the melatonin to a minimum but when the mind is racing it helps.  I like the melatonin more than the others by the way it makes me feel during the night and in the morning. 

Also, if I wake up in the middle of the night I try my hardest not to look at my phone or turn on a light when I go to the bathroom.  I find the brightness, even if just a little, will wake me even more and it's harder to get back to sleep. 

So on that note I'm going to take a nap..ok not really...

What are your sleeping tips and tricks?


  1. I think you covered the bases... also find that if I'm active during the day... be it exercise or physical work I sleep so much better. Oh and food... keep it healthy, light and not too late for a good sleep also.

    1. yes excercise does a body and sleep good. It's funny though the night after I posted this I didn't sleep well at all. Blog karma

  2. "I want to sleep but my brain keeps talking" is a constant UGH for me! Working on getting more exercise so I go to sleep faster and easier. I'd like to get up rested at an earlier time than hitting snooze 3 times before I race to get out of bed so I'm not late.