Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Quick weekend getaway

I think I was still recouperating from the weekend and finally sat down to write about it.  Petey took a day to rest up too.

Saturday we got up bright and early...not too early really... to head to Fort Worth. Friday was Natalie's birthday and we wanted to help her celebrate. She didn't know that Jarad and Petey were coming.  We had talked about it but last she knew I had said he wasn't.  Surprise!!!

Saturday was National Margarita Day. So after stopping at Cavender's so Natalie could gift herself some boots, we headed straight to Joe T Garcia's to have some of the best margaritas in town. They did not disappointment.


The weather was gorgeous and the people watching was prime. Afterwards we went back to her apartment to rest up before heading to a new country bar by her apartment, Guitars and Cadillacs. The bar was pretty packed because well they had $0.25 longnecks until 11:00. It was a cheap night and lucky for Natalie and I we got to spin around the dance floor with a couple of her coworkers who were excellent two steppers. They probably don't ever want to dance with me again because the spinning trips me up every time and I probably looked like a hot mess. Steak and Shake to end the night and I highly recommend their Garlic Burger. Ohhhh mmmmmyyyyyy gggggooooodddddnnneeesssss. Yes it was that good.

Sunday we leisurely got up and headed to the Stockyards. Jarad....well we all wanted to see the cattle drive that happens twice daily.

He smiles so pretty.

A Dr Pepper was neccessary that morning if you know what I mean and even better in a glass bottle.


Shortly after we were hungry and headed to Fred's.

They had live music and Jarad and I had some cheese fries with bacon and grilled onions. The grilled onions were a nice twist. Natalie and I ducked out to get my nails done. She uses this new product that her salon has and I was excited to try it. It's like the equivalent of powder coating for your nails. Anxious to see how long it lasts for me. I've already researched salons in Katy that use it. After the quick girl's get away we met back up with the boys at a bar called The Pour House. They had redone the place since Natalie had been there. She was amazed at how good it looked. We weren't that hungry but all the food looked amazing. So we split chicken and biscuits off the brunch menu. Biscuits with fresh breaded chicken tenders, cheese and all of it topped with gravy. Yumo 

Then because we hadn't eaten enough we headed to Dallas to Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. Jarad watches Fast and Loud, a show about redoing classic cars and the owners have a bar.  What I had envisioined the bar to be was completely different. 


The atmosphere was a posher biker bar if you will.  They too had a live band on the outside stage that was open to bar and resturant and the food was ah-mazing.  Since we had nibbled all day Jarad and I split the chicken fried steak.  Our two sides were the 3 cheese truffled mac and roasted garclic ancho mashed potatoes.

I want the recipe for both of them and oh how could I forget the bacon gravy on the steak. mmmm

Then because we were all full and tired we headed back to Natalie's apartment and watched the closing ceremony to Olympics while taste testing the cupcakes I had brough from Ohh La La in Katy.  The weekend was a lot of eating and a lot of fun.  I always enjoy going to Fort Worth and glad that Jarad joined me this time.

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  1. Glad you were able to celebrate Nat's birthday with her!