Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm random and so is this post

 I had two Thursdays in a row this week because Wednesday felt like Thursday to me.  What a tease.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.  I've had enough carpet for the week.

I was tired of my hair so I got it chopped last week with a new stylist.  She was good and I will definitely use her from now on.

I kind of have a crush on Willie Geist.  His personality is adorable and so is he.

I heart salads in huge bowls. #bigsaladsdontcare

I have a problem gettting rid of tshirts.  I did get rid of 5 or so to fit them all in this tote.  There is a tshirt in there that is 13 years old.  woah!!!

Peach and mint are everywhere for spring this year as well as floral prints.  So I added this scarf to my wardrobe... I needed it like I need a whole in my head bbbbuuutttttt it's an easy, cheap way to get the season's trend added to your wardrobe.
Again thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. The weekend should be a gooder.