Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to me...Ipsy

I had wanted to subscribe to Birchbox or Ipsy for awhile and I finally did it in November.  It might have been the end of October that I signed up but I can't remember.  I went with Ipsy because I felt it would be items and brands that I would more likely buy if I really like it.  Birchbox items seemed too expensive or not practical brands.  I read reviews and blog posts to make my decision.  I was on the waiting list for Ipsy for a month or so but got an email that if I liked their Facebook page I would be taken off the waiting list.  I did that and got my first bag in December.  I loved it. It comes in a bright pink mailer which I think makes it extra special.

In December I got a fingernail polish, trio eyeshadow, eye blending brush, a lipstick and a blush. Several of the items were full size and the colors were right on. The bag was cute and it stays in my purse with all my lipsticks, glosses, etc. that I wear on a more normal basis. I use all the items I got weekly and/or daily.

In January I wasn't as enamored with it.   The bag wasn't that cute and more items were sample size.  But the products were some nice things that I do use.  Benefit the POREfessional is a nice primer and really smooths your skin before you put on your foundation.  The lip balm is easy to squeeze out too much but it really makes your lips soft.  The Balanced Guru Balm Me Up is perfect for dry spots this winter; especially on the inside of my elbows.  Makeup cleansing cloths are always nice for travel or when I'm being too lazy to take my make up off in the sink.  The foundation is a great color for me and a little lighter than my Mary Kay liquid foundation.  It's perfect for those fast makeup days.

Yesterday I got my February bag.  It was like an early Valentine's Day present to myself.  The bag is cute this month.  The lip gloss is too pink for me but the blush and fingernail polish are perfect colors.  I love wearing fake eyelashes on special occasions but rarely buy them myself.  The Velvet Gel is to help with age and sun spots.  Lord knows I have those.  I'll be interested to see how it reduces them.
I love having this little treat in the mail every month.  It's $10 per month and is drafted out of my bank account at the beginning of the month.  Ipsy is great at sending out emails when they are preparing your bag and sending a tracking number when it ships.  I have another friend who receives the bag as well.  She actually was getting Birchbox and Ipsy and likes the Ipsy better for the same reasons I chose it.  It's fun to see what we each get and we will do some swaps should a color or item we get not work for us.  Also, the bags will be perfect to give gifts in throughout the year.
I still love my Mary Kay makeup but don't think it's the end all or best products for every item.  It's fun to be able to get things to experiment with or try new brands without having to spend a fortune.  You take a quiz and tell them what's important to you, what brands you would like to try, how daring you are with trends, etc.  There are so many monthly boxes out there but for now I'm really enjoying the Ipsy one.
What are your favorite beauty items?
*I will do a monthly review of my Ispy bag from now on.

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  1. I have to have lips on all the time! I just don't feel complete without it. I love MK's matte liquid foundation. I try different brands but always come back to MK. I also must have great mascara and I like MK Ultimate mascara but sometimes I need a little more umph for a night on town and I use a Loreal volume mascara.