Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Rest and refuel

Our weekends are more and more low key these days...for now... and I'm loving it.

Friday night after we were able to break ourself out of the ice that covered everything from our ice storm,

we went to our friend's Brandon and Michelle's place.  It was to see our other friend's Sarah and TJ and their son Tommy who is adorable.  They live an hour or so north of the city so we don't get to see them often.

While we were there I got this video of Harper and had to replicate her look.  I mean girl's got style.


Saturday morning we got up and went to the Food Truck Park that has opened on our side of town.  There are three throughout the city now and we've been wanting to go and finally made that happen.  We ate from the truck called Skratch and it was delicious.  

Jarad had the Bayou City Fried Chicken Sandwich.  It was a boneless, skinless chicken thigh topped with jalapeno slaw, Louisiana mayo on a brioche.  He didn't share and so I'm guessing it was good.

I had the Disco Inferno fries.  It was french fries covered with beef gravy, shaved rib-eye, melted cheese, sour cream and bacon.   They were delicious and would defiantly have them again.

The rest of Saturday was spend lounging, FaceTiming with the sisters and fams

Who doesn't wear crazy hats when FaceTiming?!?!?!
and for the second Saturday in a row I was in bed by 10pm. wow!!!!

Getting to bed so early made me super productive on Sunday.  I went out for a 2.25 mile run since the weather was gorgeous.  Cleaned the house, did all the laundry, grocery shopped and meal prepped for Jarad's lunches.  He's trying to be healthier as well.  I am making his lunches rather than buying frozen, prepared items.  Thank goodness I like to cook.  Sunday night Jarad went to a friend's to watch Royal Rumble.  I can't do wrestling.  So I went to Katrina's and we had spaghetti and watched the Grammy's.

It was a perfect weekend and now the week is calling.  We may have another ice storm or snow or whatever happens tomorrow.  Whoever knows tho.....

Make it a great day(week) or not... the choice is yours!!!


  1. You can have the cold weather for a change...I'll take anything but freezing weather. It was great FaceTiming you this weekend!

    1. We are going to be in the 70s this weekend.

    2. Jealous! Think we're getting up to the 40s.

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