Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time to Get Motivated, People

I have always loved quotes, motivational videos, etc.  In high school and college I had a little notebook that I would write in with quotes I liked.  Then I started emailing them to myself and kept them in a folder.  I don't have access to that account anymore or I do and I don't remember the password.  I still have that notebook but now I have a board on Pinterest.  I also have an ongoing Word document on my desktop with quotes.  Oh technology...

I use quotes or videos to motivate me at work.  I use them to motivate me to get my butt off the couch and exercise or go for a run.  Sure they don't always work and I think "yea whatever."  I don't typically take the time to watch videos that people post on Facebook or email me.  But yesterday on a blog I read, Generous Impulses, she posted a video that contained an over abundance of motivation.  Take 6 minutes to watch the video and then use it to fuel yourself in work, relationships, exercise, or wherever in your life you need that extra push.  and while you're at it smile!!!


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