Monday, January 20, 2014

Semi Wordless Weekend...ok a lot of words weekend

Friday we went to see the movie Lone Survivor.  Holy moly was that movie intense.  I should have worn my nightgaurd as I clenched my jaw the entire movie.  But I would recommend the movie as a must see just don't take kids under the age of well I don't know but it's pretty gruesome in parts.

Saturday morning I took the time to organize my fingernail polish and put some color to my toes and nails.  It was way past time for my toes and I always like to have a little color on my nails even if I have to do them again two days later.

Two days in a row I was able to have a lunch date with the husband.  We went to Jimmy Changas, a newer Mexican restaurant here in the Katy area, Saturday afternoon.  The times we've gone before everything has been great.  This time the service was lack luster.  We waited for ever to be greeted at our table and then never got the appetizer we ordered.  Food was good though as always.  We were suppose to go to the horse track Saturday night as live racing started back this weekend.  We got lazy and never made it. We try to go a couple times during the live racing season.  It's always a good time especially when they have a concert there as well.

Sunday was a little cleaning, little sewing Lion King themed

and a little catching up with a friend I haven't seen since Thanksgiving.  And where else would two girls go to catch up but Hooters, duh.

I should either never wear my bangs back or never take pictures when I'm wearing my hair like that.  Hey big forehead!!!
Now it's back to the grind.  Happy MLK day!!! Carpet salesmen don't get that day off. :(

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  1. That sucks that you're not off today! Thanks for the cute Lion King baby're super talented and I know Carrie is going to love it.