Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Healthier Lifestyle 2014...initial goals

I'm finally getting back on track. The holidays throw everyone off track and then I always have a work event in Dallas for a week the beginning of January. Now that it's all behind me I can focus on me again. So here are some of my current focuses or goals:

- Meatless dinners 2-3 times a week

I'm sure it will be a lot of veggie stir fry. I love it and I can change it up with a different sauce. I'll have to find other recipes but will totally be doable. 

- Water. I do a pretty good job but I have better days than others. I refill a bottle that I think is a liter but may be a liter and a half. I know you're not suppose to refill plastic bottles cause of something...I don't pay attention. I just ordered two 24oz Bubba tumblers that are BPA free (for whatever that's worth), will keep drinks cold for 5 hours which will be a huge plus in the summer. I can't wait for them to get here. Yes I'll have to keep up with two containers but they are healthier options.

- No alcohol on a weekday. I love a glass of wine or two but will refrain for the most part. Some days I just need it to get by.  Carpet people are crazy. 

- Get back to running 2-3 times a week plus adding some cross training. I want to utilize our punching bag more and do videos whether on YouTube, workout video game or some of the Jillian videos I have. 

- Start tracking again in MFP (request to be my friend. My username is calistarose).  

All these things I know will help get me back into the right mindset. I did great last week for the first week back to a regular schedule. 

I got back into the 150s but still flirting with the 160s and this week's off to a good start. Once I'm back to doing these more times than not, I'll find additional things to add to My Healthier Lifestyle 2014. Baby steps. 

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  1. Doing the same thing...can't seem to get the rhythm of exercise into the schedule though. I think that will help me more with my weight loss. In 17 days I'm down 9 lbs which is super good. All I've really changed up is water only and more veggies than fruits with some brown rice. Made an awesome Gardener Ratatouille...eggplant, zucchini, roma tomatoes and fresh garlic over brown rice. Using coconut oil more than olive oil to cook with these days...super yummy! Can't wait to see your recipes.