Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big Hair Don't Care

I am not a make up expert nor a hair expert but I try my darndest to look good on normal basis.  There are some days, typically the weekends, that I give my skin and hair a break.  I wish I was better at doing my hair but I pretty much am the worst. 

I am in need of a hair cut currently but I quit my hair lady or she quit me.  Haven't really decided exactly.  I wasn't  happy with my last couple cuts and when she moved my appointment twice and said she would call to reschedule and never did....well I'm done.  So I asked for recommendations on Facebook for someone in my area.  I contacted one of the ladies recommended and never got a response to the message I sent.  So I'm just going to let it be for now.  I can trim up my own bangs thanks to a tutorial I watched on YouTube a year or so ago. 

Now I live in Texas and big hair is normal...expected.  I throw large hot rollers in it most days than not now and that helps with the volume and the lack of a cut. 

I use dry shampoo on my clean hair. What?!?!?  It acts like a texturizing spray which is something I learned via Pinterest or some blog I read.  I had been using Sauve's dry shampoo but when it was almost out I picked up the Not Your Mother's brand.  Verdicts still out on how I like the new one but the Sauve one is great.  

I also use Big Sexy Hairs texture powder.  Don't use too much and make sure to get on the ends of your hair for extra umphing (it's totally a word) powder.

And then a comb just doesn't cut it for my teasing.  So I found this Conair teasing brush that is amazing.

So after all that I can get a bit of volume and I can look past the fact that I need a hair cut.  This is what's working for now but come another couple weeks I will have to definitely get a cut.  Oh the joys of being a woman and being in sales.

What are your hair tips and tricks???


  1. Cute do and scarf!!! Big hair don't care!! Woot woot!

    1. Thanks!! Katrina got the scarf for me for Christmas. World Market I believe