Friday, December 27, 2013

What you gon' do with all that ham?

All that ham inside your trunk? I'ma get, get, get, get you drunk.  Whatever I'll stop now.  That just came to mind when I was trying to come up with a title for this post. So any who or anyways...depends if my old self is talking or my young hip side....on to the ham...

Every year for Christmas Jarad gets a ham from work.  We never eat the ham by itself with sides.  That's just boring and boring is one thing we are not.  We always make those ham sandwiches... wait who am I kidding, I always make those ham sandwiches.. ain't no one helping me (that's my ghetto side talking.  My personalities are equal opportunity.)   It's always "Calista, you going to make those sandwiches?" but with Calista being said all Wedding Crasher style.
The recipe has been floating around Pinterest like gnats on a fruit basket.  But they're so good.  Hawaiian rolls, mustard, cheese please... and I never get a picture because they are gone so fast.  But half a ham is so much meat.  So Sunday when Plain Chicken posted her weekly What's for Dinner? post I immediately liked it for future reference.  She posted a recipe for Ham and White Beans in the slow cooker and a recipe for Ham and Egg Salad.  I made both of them last night and they are both DELICIOUS!!!! yes I'm screaming at you. 

The ham and white beans with siracha on top was amazing. And then I couldn't just make a boring Ham and Egg Salad sandwich so I made it grilled with American cheese.  I should have made two or three or just eat the salad out of the bowl like Jarad did when he got home or on top of crackers spread with Cheddar Horseradish spread (from Aldi.  I think it's a seasonal thing and that makes me soooooo sad because I could eat it noon, day and night.)  Yes I needed a bedtime snack.  Don't you?!?!

If you have too much ham in your trunk, try these recipes out.  I still have more ham after using it in three recipes.  I will be making ham sandwiches for NYE because they are expected at this point and perhaps a little more Ham and Egg Salad for finger sandwiches for the ladies bridge club (that's my old southern lady talking with pinking finger up whilst sipping her tea.  She may have a little British background as well).


  1. Ashley brought those hammies for yummy!!

    1. I found a little variation that I'm trying out tomorrow. Will let you know about outcome should they be yummy