Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Everyone wants silky smooth skin not itchy, ashy and dull skin.  I do a very good job at moisturizing my face and neck at a minimum of once a day.  I am miserable at putting lotion on any other part of my body.  I've seen Vaseline's commercial for their Spray and Go and I've wanted to try it for sometime.  I've also recently seen commercials for St Ives spray moisturizer. So this weekend I was buying one of these products at the store when grocery shopping. Kroger only had the Vaseline one and I'm proud to say I've used it for three days now. My skin is soft, it's fast to absorb and has a nice but faint smell.  I would definitely recommend this product. There are three types, total moisture, aloe fresh and cocoa radiant.  I went with the total moisture.  If you're like me and fail to take care of all your skin, do yourself a favor and pick this product up on your next trip to the store.  Winter's coming and your skin is going to be even drier...just saying.  Hurry. Go. Now.  Run. Get out of here. What are you still doing here!?!?


  1. Oh skin so soft! I am horrible too at applying lotion to any other part of my body besides my face. Will have to look into this product. Thank you for always being my consumer review.

  2. My skin itches so bad right now!!!! Not sure if it's the gas heat that my body hasn't gotten use to or maybe the water in the new house or just the weather but it's not fun! I may have to look into this product!