Monday, November 18, 2013

Gumbo is good for the soul

I don't think I ever had gumbo until I moved to Houston 7 1/2+ years ago.  I love a good gumbo.  I've had good and bad and you definitely know when you're having a good one. One of my favorites is from Babin's Seafood House which makes New Orleans style seafood.  During their happy hours you can get a bowl for $3 and they have happy hour on the weekends too.  Not that I've ever been...once maybe...ok ok twice ;-)  This weekend I was craving gumbo but wanted to try making it myself. I have only made it once before using a family recipe that a friend gave me. I couldn't find the recipe and so I followed a one I found on Pinterest.  After 7 hours of cooking it turned out delicious and was even better tonight.

I think the key is having the perfect roux.  The recipe said it took like 15 was more like 30+ mins till it was as dark as I wanted. Just when I thought I was done, I would cook it a little bit more and it would become an even richer color. You can purchase roux at the grocery store or at least I did the first time I made it.  Making your own just takes time and patience. 

A pot on the stove would be just as easy to cook on low but the crockpot allows you to set it and leave it.  I never worry about putting something in the crockpot and leaving the house but the stove and oven are a whole other story.

When I made our plates for dinner I served it like I see at restaurants.  If it wasn't going to taste good, it was going to look good.  But alas it was delicious served with a side of French bread to dip into it and will enjoy it probably all week because I doubled the recipe.  Bon appétit 


  1. Looks delicious! But is that parsley on top of your know what Thomas thinks of parsley! teehee