Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When two worlds collide

I probably watch every show that Bravo least the first episode. The New Atlanta just wasn't my thing. I like the old Atlanta....yes I watch that one too but only like the last two seasons. And no it's not called the old Atlanta really. This summer I watched "Eat, Drink, Love" and one of the chefs runs a store called Fonuts. Hmmmm what's that you ask. Well it's taking the fun out of doughnuts because they're not fried. They're baked and/or steamed and well that's just not cool when I want my sprinkle, chocolate covered doughnut. And while we're at it do you spell it doughnut or donut? I'm so confused. Yesterday I had an office day and so the tv was going on in the background with all those wonderful shows that my stay at home mom friends rave about and I'm like yea that's cool cause I'm out on the streets slinging carpet and ain't nobody got time for those shows. Ok that's made up because I really don't have any close friends that are stay at home moms but if I did they would talk about all hours of the Today show, the Talk, Bethenny, Ellen, and anyone else that the networks think we relate to. The blonde hair girl...I'm not good with names even though I watch E! News EVERY lie or joke..anyways, the blonde hair girl in 2 Broke Girls was on one of the shows talking about last night's episode and they find out about some craze called Cronuts and try to make their own. Cronuts are real. I asked my friend Google and he said it's a croissant and donut pushed into one...I'm sure pushing is not the method but whatevs. And then I was watching last week's episode of The Crazy Ones and they brought up cronuts. I looked it up and the bakery that came up with it is in New Yok and make it in limited production and exclusivity and there is a freaking black market where these people are selling $5 pastries for up to $100.....WTF!!!!! And then I'm like it only took the chef two months and 10 recipes to get it right and where's my big idea. I then googled it to see if some place in Houston was making, selling these and sure enough Pena's Donut Heaven in Pearland has their own version but for a steal at $3.50. They call theirs dosants because that entrepreneurial genius of a chef in New York has a patent on the name Cronuts. Then I begin to think of foods I could put together to start the next food craze and well I come up with nothing. I guess I'll hit the streets with my carpet till I can think of something...still thinking.


  1. Best post to date! You're a nut! And not I want a cronut, fonut and a dosants... inner fat girl jumping up and down!

    1. Thanks!!!! I want a donut so bad now too. And Chinese food. And wings. And chili cheese fries.