Friday, October 11, 2013

Pumpkin Overload

I love pumpkin stuff, decor and food but I'm not one to sit at Starbucks the day they start serving pumpkin lattes for the fall.  I haven't even had one....maybe ever.  I really think the pumpkin flavored craze has gone overboard the last couple years. Pumpkin pizza, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin vodka, pumpkin m&ms, pumpkin poptarts, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin doughnuts and I could go on and on.  I like pumpkin but I don't need everything I eat in a day during fall to be pumpkin flavored.  I went to Trader Joe's the other day and did purchase some of their pumpkin treats, pumpkin breakfast bars and pumpkin butter. I really wanted to try their pumpkin bagels. Maybe I'll get some next trip. This will probably be the extent of my pumpkin eating this fall and I'm ok with that. 

I ate the pumpkin butter with some low fat whipped cream cheese on toasted English muffins. It's like pumpkin cheesecake for breakfast. 

I already had Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K Cups leftover from last year. It doesn't seem right to drink any other time but fall. 

This coffee is perfect with a little milk and a little sweet and low. I'm almost out and can't wait to find another fall-ish flavor for the rest of the season. 

When it comes to decorations, I've decided fall decorations for two months is better than Halloween for a month and fall for a month. Plus fall decorations are much prettier than any Halloween decorations. I have a Halloween wreath that will probably be made into something else because the base is the woody look. (That's a professional description and I'm sure JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby use it on the daily.)

Natalie got me the cute pumpkins leading up to the front door. I'm hoping I can find something equally as cute for Christmas.

We also have a decorative pillow, fall hand towels and a fallish flower arrangement on table. Holiday decorations for me are not something I overdo. Just enough is my motto. 

Do you do Halloween and fall or just fall? What are your favorite pumpkin treats?


  1. I LOVE pumpkin pie...especially this time of year. Dave and I shared a pumpkin tiramisu the other day and it was awesome!

  2. You'd never guess but in my family my house is not even close to being overdone. Between my grandmother and my mom going small is something they were never good at it. I'm gaudy but it makes me happy.

    ALL THAT BEING SAID...I do like the classic, just enough approach.

    1. Kat-your decor is adorable! I still want that pumpkin country sign...It may just fly off the wall! :)

  3. I must get me some of that pumpkin butter! It was ah--maze!