Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Outfit Pinspiration

I still get on Pinterest but not as much as I did in the beginning. Recently I found a picture of an outfit that I knew I could replicate because I had similar pieces.  So I did this week and I think it turned out kind of cute. 

Pants: New York and Company (fit great at beginning of day but become two sizes too big at end of day. Have to wear a belt and I don't like belts.)
Shirt: Express
Shoes: old...Croc heels. (Really comfortable in beginning but like 4 years old now. Would buy again.)
Scarf: I don't really remember. I honestly think it was from an airport on a trip to or from Spain when I studied there in college. Or from a store in Spain. IDK

Do you use Pinterest or other outlets as inspiration for your outfits?


  1. I like to browse the outfits on pinterest but rarely replicate...more of a wish list of items I want in my closet. You did great!

  2. I agree with's more of a wish list for my closet too. And I probably have some of the items in my closet.