Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Does it Really Matter

- I take hot showers even when I'm hot and/or it's hot outside. 
- I ate two chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. 
- I decided Friday night to buy a car and did it on Saturday morning. I'm not that impulsive usually. 
- I raced everyone at the park last night....they didn't know it. I won!!! 
- Looking forward to a weekend with nothing planned. Not sure when that will be. 
- I could eat buffalo sauce anything every single day.  Buffalo chicken salad. Buffalo wings. Buffalo dip.  Buffalo sauce on my fries. Buffalo nachos. And on and on.  It's right up there with BBQ and Mexican food. 
- I haven't done a Half Marathon update in two weeks. Tomorrow perhaps...I'm still running tho. Have no fear. 


  1. I am envious of your breakfast choices and I too could eat everything buffalo style!

  2. I wish I was impulsive enough to buy a new car...mine is paid off so it's hard to imagine having a car payment right now but I really want a new car!!!