Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail Color Trick

I've talked before how I love having my nails painted. In the last year I've actually become really good at doing my own.  Oddly, I'm better at painting my fingernails than my toenails.  Recently my friend Katrina shared a tip with me that I have to share.  I love bright colors especially for my toes.  The trick is you put white polish on first and then the bright color and it's so much brighter for the top color. This week I did a bright pink because summer is not over in Texas yet.  Warmer colors for us are still a month or so away.  Now if I could dip these toes in the ocean and sand.  

Thanks for sharing, Katrina and now the rest of you go try it.  


  1. Hmmm...interesting to know. I've been too lazy to paint my own lately and have had pedicures done. I've actually scheduled one for Saturday AM just in time for my beach vacation in Destin next week. :)

  2. Good tip! Will def try it out next time around!