Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Half Marathon Training update - Week 3

Last week was kind of fail when it comes to running. 

My runs felt good. I did a good job of stretching. Better job eating. But life got in the way. I had agreed to host a girl's game night on Saturday after I had already started refinishing our dining room table. So I had to step it in high gear to be finished. I got it done in time to dry.

 Girl's game night (blogger fail. No pics of anything that night) was a fun night. And the apps I made were yummy. (Salsa roll ups. Homemade salsa. 3 layer hummus from Trader Joe's. meatballs.). This week I'm back at it and I even have Natalie to run with me. 

Obviously she wasn't a fan but we both agreed that it wasn't a bad run and really felt good after. I really liked having someone to run with because I have always thought I would be better as a lone runner. Now we just have to make sure and get out there. 

Here's to a great week. 

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  1. Super excited for your half marathon! Keep up the great work! And the table looks great! You should come up and decorate my new house in November...easy birthday present to me if you do that! :)