Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Master Bedroom: one room finished

We have been in the house for 3 weeks now and absolutely loving it.  Each part of the house has had their projects to be completed.  Jarad is obsessed with getting the grass to a healthier state.  The very hot weather is not helping but he has determination.  I'm sure some TLC this winter will help the process.  I wanted to work on the master bedroom till completion since it only had some minor things that I wanted to do and i could have some instant gratification.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The first project I tackled was turning a coffee table into a bench. There are tons of tutorials floating around Pinterest and I did a combo of several.  I had initially wanted to use a fabric with a mustardy creamy yellow but could not find any fabric that I thought fit the bill. I kept going back to the fabric I finally chose and think it fits well with the other colors and prints in the room.

The other project was painting the dresser.  The side tables are a dark wood color (They could use a redo but I like their rustic aka used look) and the dresser was a light wood color.  I should know the technical wood and colors because of my father and being in the flooring business but I don' I had wanted to paint this dresser for some time.  I didn't like all the different colors of wood that was going on in the room. I typically like mixed furniture and colors but these pieces bothered me.  After picking the fabric for the bench and accent pillows I was able to get the paint for the dresser.  The color chosen was orange...more specific Behr's Falling Leaves from Home Depot.  I didn't want to sand this furniture because I have a lot of that to do when I begin the dining room furniture redo.  So I used a product called Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Primer.  I put two coats on the parts of the dresser that would be seen the most.  One coat may have been sufficient but i figured two wouldn't hurt.  I then put three coats of the colored paint which was a semi gloss enamel. I was hoping to get away with two coats but it didn't look even after just the two coats. I knew going in that I would need several more coats than normal because there was a cross beside the color name on the swatch which means it takes several coats more to get desired color.  The patient guy at Home Depot pointed this out to me.  They probably thought I was crazy because it probably took me an hour to pick out everything and the paint department is only 3 small rows.  I was going to buy new pulls for dresser and had picked out one from Hobby Lobby but those suckers are expensive even with coupon or on sale.  So I bought some bare metal primer by Rustoleum and an oiled bronze color spray paint and fixed them up.  It took one coat of the primer but two of the color.  I really like how it turned out and how it ties everything together.

The rest of the room looks like so.  The pictures were ones we already had.  The paintings were done by my Great Grandmother but Jarad is not a huge fan. They were in the living room but I compromised and moved them to the bedroom.

The drapes are energy efficient blackout curtains.  With Jarad working second shift of sorts he sleeps later in the morning and the windows in this bedroom are east facing. As long as the bathroom door is closed it stays a dungeon in there and the first electric bill was nothing short of amazing...half of the apartment.  

The master bathroom is Jarad's. He has a soaking tub and stand up shower.  I'm sure I will use the tub at some point myself.

One room done and just a few more left to go.  Progress and a sense of completion...for now.


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    1. Thanks. Now if I could just motivation to do dining room stuff. This weekend I plan to start.

  2. You've done a great job! Looks awesome!