Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's my Birthday....month!!!!

Welcome to August, lovelies. I really can't believe it's once again that wonderful month that encompasses my birthday.  It feels like I was just celebrating my 30th in Lake Charles and Orange with some rather fantastic people but now I get to celebrate what I'm calling "the 10th anniversary of my 21st." The plan is a little top golf in the morning and then a get together at our house. Yes I'm planning the food and well everything but aren't you suppose to do what you love on your birthday?!?! And I love entertaining.  Another thing I love is football. We are inching closer to football season....the first Texans preseason football game...well it's on the eve of my birthday.  What a fantastic way to kick off that weekend...granted that it's on tv. But before football we have to celebrate 31 days of get a day for every year, right??? or was I lied to about that to?!?! (Ask Katrina about my newest realization where all these years I've been thinking one thing about the song, OPP.  I was making it all PC and stuff).  So happy August 1st.



  1. Look at you reposting my IG picture from this morning! :)

    I like celebrating the entire month too...I usually don't get to because of that crazy holiday called Thanksgiving! This year my birthday is the week before it so bring it on!!

  2. I think you should celebrate every single day of the month!!! If you aren't...I will celebrate for you.