Monday, August 19, 2013

Confession...I do love flowers

Any girl loves getting flowers. I've been known to say flowers don't matter to me. They don't matter when they are "expected" for holidays like valentines day, anniversary, birthdays. I want them on a random Thursday. I picked up a couple boutiques for my birthday a week or so ago to match the colors of the party, red, purple, green and black. 

The daisies were starting to look dreary so I pulled them out and left what I think is baby's breath or something like it. Cut the stems down and put in a smaller vase. 

Reminds me of our wedding. I think they will last two weeks. Thumbs up Kroger. They weren't that expensive, $3-4 each bundle. I think we will be seeing more fresh flowers in the Upham household in the future. 


  1. Love flowers for no reason too!! And it does remind me of your wedding!! Good times!

  2. Flowers for no reason are by far the coolest thing. I don't want them for birthdays, holidays, etc. because it seems like a lazy thought! And this girl loves Limonium and HATES baby's breathe as a filler and they do make a good boutique when the other flowers have died like your picture shows!!