Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 things I love about Jarad

Last week or so, Holly from Where We Can Live like Jack and Sally posted on Instagram three things she loves about her husband.  I thought I'd follow suit:

- his sense of humor. He can be so funny and a lot of times it's when you least expect it.  It's also pretty intelligent wit...most of the time.
- hard worker. He works hard and plays hard.  Sometimes he plays harder than he works but he gets the job done.
- great friend.  If he can help you with something or you need him for something he's always willing to help.

The list really could go on forever.

What is it you like about your spouse or significant other? Is this person the love of your life? Is that person the person of your dreams?


  1. My husband does not procrastinate. He loves sweet, baby Harper. He looks pretty hot wearing a visor, riding a four wheeler down a big hill. Last but not least, he's his family, hobbies, career and dog.