Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Settled In...maybe never

Cable is finally run in all the places we wanted. No thanks to Comcast but all to Jarad and Thomas. Started redoing the furniture.  Put what I hope is the third and final coat on the dresser for the master today. Then I'll be able to share that room's finished look.  Guest bedroom remains the same but is probably 90% finished. Painting bookshelf in office and that room will be done. Office closet and hallway closet need to be reorganized. Dining room furniture will be a chore. And the list can go on and on.  I tell myself what's the hurry but who am I fooling I'll always find something to do no matter what I finish.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guest room aka my dressing room preview

In the house we have 3 bedrooms.  One is the master obviously, one is the office/craft room, and the third is the guest bedroom plus a dressing room for me if you will.  Jarad and I work some what opposite schedules.  I get up in the morning pretty early and always felt bad for going back in the room to get clothes and such.  Sure I could pick my clothes out the night before but eh as much as I like to be organized that's too much.  So I've put my clothes and shoes and yes I know I have way too much of both in the middle bedroom.  The closet is not walk in and is pretty small.  I got this clothes hanger with the drawers for my undergarments from Walmart.

At first I was going to just keep the bedspread that I had but I've had it since my second year of college and was so tired of it.  I decided on yellow, grey and white as the colors for this room.  I found a duvet/comforter cover from Ikea and just love the color of yellow.  Online it looked like a really bright yellow but in person it's more of a mustardy cream yellow.  swoon!!

I painted some old frames to pull in the colors even more.  Added some scrap fabric to the picture frames that are shelves in my jewelry armoire.  

My mom got me this makeup vanity as an early birthday present.  It's perfect size for the bedroom and the wood and style matches the jewelry armoire and side table.  The second bathroom in the house isn't the biggest and doesn't have a lot of counter space. The cushion cover was really not the look I was going for and so I recovered it to match the room.

I love how this room is coming together.  There are a few more elements to finish up for it to be completed to my liking but that will happen soon enough.  

Monday, July 22, 2013

Get over it or not

I've had a couple requests for pictures of the house since we moved in.  Every room has some sort of project that needs to be done. I guess I should take pics now and then I'd have before and after. However, it stresses me out to take pictures and show people everything before my "vision" for each room is realized. Oh the dilemma....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life's a changin'

I can't wait to get back to updating the blog a couple times a week. I can't wait to get back to running.  I'm maintaining but I still have a little more that I want to lose.  I can't wait to be at the new house completely. And that will happen TOMORROW!!!! We're so excited to be out of the apartment and in a house.  I have so many plans for our furniture...painting, etc.  I've loved positioning, organizing in the new house. This new chapter is very exciting so far but a little bittersweet.  The apartment was our first together. It's where we grew as a couple. It's where he proposed on his birthday. It's where we came home to after our wedding and then honeymoon.  But I'm more than ready to stretch our arms and lives in a house.  And Petey is excited to have a backyard to run around.  I've already got so many ideas for dinner parties. I'm an entertainer at heart and haven't been able to do it at my potential in the apartment. First big shindig will be my birthday.  Let the planning begin.  You're all welcome to attend....with gifts of course ;-) !!!!