Monday, June 10, 2013

Keek Keek

I have a healthy unhealthy obsession with reality tv and social media.  Last Thursday I downloaded Keek because I needed something else to check all the time.  I had seen people talk about keek for awhile but I don't watch videos...not on youtube, not if you post them on facebook, not when you even email to me will I watch...sometimes but rarely.  So I was rather surprised with myself when I downloaded it to watch a video a blogger I follow posted.  When I discovered that the videos can only be 36 seconds long I knew that it was just my speed.  It is just enough time to be funny, get your point across, etc but not too long that you can ramble.  We were rather obsessed with keeking this weekend and had a good time doing it.  So go check it out for yourself and make sure to follow and subscribe to me.  My username is Calista_Rose.  See you on the keek side...

1 comment:

  1. It is a crazy crazy app...need to figure out though on my end how to not get random ppl to follow me...weirdos....