Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The more you know....Texas Lakes edition

So you know those times you're having a casual conversation and some one throws out a random fact and you immediately google it to check its validity.  Well that happened Sunday while chilling in the pool. Phone wasn't accessible as we were treading around in everyone's pee.  You know you do it. Don't try to deny it.  I remembered the statement this morning while on hold with Comcast trying to get the Internet to work. And after 30+ mins on the line they tell me there is an outage in the area.  Yea I checked that first.  

Thomas (if you don't know him you should) said that Lake Livingston was the largest lake in Texas.  Then said it may be the largest man made lake when we questioned him.  When you are talking about largest lakes there are some factors you have to discern, I discovered.  If we're talking about largest lake totally within Texas borders well that honor goes to Lake Sam Rayburn with Lake Livingston being second.  Caddo Lake is the only "natural" lake in Texas but was altered by a dam in the 1900s so some don't call it natural anymore. Plus part of it is in Louisiana.  Toledo Bend Reservoir is largest man made lake but is only partially in Texas.  So what I take from this is everything is bigger in Texas even if we have to make it ourselves, which that's the only we get lakes in these parts.  

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  1. I check random information people say all the time. To think what I did before the iPhone.