Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Opt out. Opt in.
This is where I got this pic

There are a few things I would like to opt out of lately. This isn't complaining...I think. Just simple observations for the most part. But all could be made better by opting in to a better option.  Cause isn't life all rainbows, candy and unicorns.

- I would like to opt out of traffic. Usually I don't have to sit in it but when they are doing work on a traffic light and it takes an hour to get through an intersection, shoot me now. But I will opt in for a driver.
- I would like to opt out of customers who complain about business and then negate any idea that I give them. I will opt in to them just disappearing.
- I opt out of businesses with dirty bathrooms. Clean that room up. Pride in my opinion is what it all boils down to and that extra step.  I would like to opt in to all places having bathrooms like the one at the resort lobby of Now Jade in the Mayan Riveria.
- I would love to opt out of working and opt in to being independently wealthy.
- Opting out of pants that don't fit.  down side if there is one to losing weight. meh But would like to opt in to having a personal tailor.

What do you want to opt out. opt in. to this week???


  1. I would like to opt out of having a boss I can only get a response from through texting and opt in to being my own boss. Oh and I would like to opt out of having a closet full of work pants too big too and opt in for a tailor as well. You find one and let me know.

  2. I'd like to opt out of waiters vacuuming around your table while you're eating and it's not even close to closing time and there's no big accident to clean up.

    I'd also like to opt out of the gaining weight in weird places because you're getting older.

    I'd love to opt into leaving work at 5pm and getting a daily work out in every day!! I haven't been working until 9pm lately but I don't have a desire to work out at 9pm either when I'm leaving work at 7:30pm or so. Baby steps!