Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ready for more

So on a recommendation from a friend I quickly got caught up on Ready for Love, a new finding your soulmate on national tv show. I enjoy it but I'm not a 100% hooked. However, in the first two episodes there are some things from the bachelor/bachelorette that I'm not missing.

- I'm not missing following only one bachelor/bachelorette. This show allows me to fall in love with 3 bachelors.
- I'm not missing the rose ceremony. "So and so will you accept this rose." Puke
- I'm not missing the slower pace of the bachelor. RFL feels like it flows along faster. It's like the difference between golf on tv 10 years ago vs now. But not sure the audience will cultivate those feelings for a girl or guy like you do in the bachelor franchise. I mean the hatred for Tierable almost made last season. Can't dull my sparkle.

I do miss Chris Harrison although I love the Rancic's. I enjoy the dating experts and their advice. I think Ashley Frazier would have done better on this show.

And that's all I got. Still formulating my entire opinion of the show. I guess I'll have to watch the complete season and let you all know. Because I don't already watch enough tv.


  1. I've enjoyed the show too. I like the fast pace.

  2. Too bad it was cancelled. womp womp