Monday, April 15, 2013

It will never make sense

This was necessary this afternoon after a great weekend of not so good drink and food choices.  The husband and I traveled to Tennessee/Kentucky to visit family.  We had such a great time that I really didn't care about the food choices.  We did get in 3 miles on Sunday morning so I wasn't totally awful.  Just have to get back at it this week and it's starting off alright.

While there I discovered that I rather enjoy Whiskey Sours.  So this afternoon I googled a light recipe because Cabo is still coming up in 2 months.  I found this recipe on Crown Royal's website.

Right before I went to run I heard about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I had a local channel on while I was running and they were covering the story non stop.  I pushed back a few tears as I ran.  Mama Laughlin has said many times about how great the atmosphere is at a run event and I agree 100%.  It's a unique experience even if it is just for a 5k.  I don't understand why such an event would be targeted for something of this magnitude.  I don't understand it in any situation for that matter. But my thoughts are with those affected and I will continue to run on. 


  1. Not sure it will ever make sense. So sad.

    On a lighter note, you rock for hitting up the gym yesterday! Well you rock no matter what but that was just extra kudos.