Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Does it Really Matter

Does it Really Matter

- I painted my nails tonight and it looks like a 2 year old did them. But I'm going to rock them anyway
- I got measured by Victoria Secret yesterday and according to them I'm HUGE in the bust area.
- Ive ordered 3 times in two weeks from VS because obvi I don't know the size of my chest. Yea!!! for bathing suits. Fingers crossed it works this time.
- I tweet celebrities from time to time.
- I hit a weight goal so I allowed myself to buy two new dresses. What, what!!! Francesca's, which I learned is a Houston company, has some of the cutest. Kiki La Rue would have gotten my order but nada I liked was in my size.
- It took me 3 days to finish a bottle of wine. And yes it was a normal sized bottle.
- I've hit snooze one...two...three too many times every day this week.


  1. Do the celebs tweet back? Congrats on meeting a goal! And what an improvement on your wine drinking skills!! I guess it's not cool to finish a bottle in a night anymore?! hehe

  2. Some celebs have. I'm famous in a small town or my world I suppose. Sometimes drinking a bottle of wine in one sit is necessary.